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The Polynesian tattoo designs reflect the distinct as well as cultural similarities of the Polynesia islands. There are further sub niches such as Maori tattoos, Tahitian tattoos, and Hawaiian tattoos. Tattooing is still performed on the Marquesas Islands, though now carried out with a tattoo machine rather than traditional methods. Among the several Polynesian designs, the most popular are those models which come from the Maori island and the Hawaiian islands. So look to tikis, native flowers, Gods, housing, transportation, native creatures, and the Hawaiian language for your Hawaiian Polynesian tattoos. Maori face tattoo Ta Moko Tattooing has deep roots in Polynesian culture and each of the various Polynesian races of the South Pacific has a unique blend of tattoo or data. When we go back to the roots of tattooing, it’s hard not to include Polynesian tattoos in the conversation.

The tattoos contain markings and reveal the ranking of a person, and also signify the wearer’s passage of life. The people belonging to the Maori culture wore tattoos as a mark of honor. Later more tattoos were added to the body as the individual progresses in life. Polynesian tattoos stood for the social rank and status of the bearer. Another purpose of tattoos in this culture was that they were considered as a protective talisman, besides being a way of embellishing one’s body. Since the tattoos were large and intricate, narrating everything about a person, from his age to his social standing, rank, and place in life. Tattoos also symbolized social status and prestige of an individual, and the person who had the maximum number of tattoos in the body was looked up with respect and admiration, whereas those who had no tattoos on their bodies were looked down upon.

Japanese Design Stylepolynesian-tattoo-designs

One of our specialists in Polynesian tattoo work is Joe Pete, an artist with six years of extensive experience across traditional Polynesian tribal and black & gray work. The Polynesian tattoo is big and hence the inking is painful. These are some of my custom Polynesian tattoo designs and templates made to order for customers of this site and my blog JunoTattooArtwordpresscom. Keep searching in tattoo galleries, books, photos in tattoo shops, until you know for sure what kind of design and style you want. The artist makes the tattoo tools especially for each client who will take them home at the end of the tattooing. Whether it’s a small tattoo or large, black & gray or colour, Polynesian tattoo or Japanese design style or anything else Gorilla Ink has the range of expertise & passion for art you need. Hand Tap tattoos are much more expensive because the client needs to pay for the stretchers and the tools, but it is certainly a unique experience.

polynesian-tattoo-designsPolynesian Armband Tattoos

Polynesian armband tattoos are a smaller version of the sleeve described above and are worn by both men and women today. Look closer into the meaning of Polynesian tattoos to help discover the history of the art of tattoos, and bring your tattoo journey into greater clarity. A traditional pe’a is a large tattoo, extending from the waist, just below the bellybutton, and stretching down to the knees. Samoans have practiced the art of tattooing both men and women for over 2,000 years. If considering the Maori Polynesian tattoos for women, keep it to the chin or below the knees. Wood carving constitutes a significant part of Maori art, with the traditional meeting places on the marae adorned with carved poles that relate the tribe’s ancestry and history. For Maori, the tattoo is a ritual of passage and therefore performing it is a form of the rite. Like all tattoos worn today, Polynesian-inspired tattoos are sported by those who both embrace their tradition and history and those who bring their meaning to them.

In Polynesian lore sharks represent the god of Polynesian people, for this reason, shark teeth are highly prevalent in the majority of Polynesian tattooing. Lizards in tattoo designs usually look like “data,” which is a symbol of a man who can talk to gods and watch the world hidden from the human eyes. The Polynesian people highly regard the ocean as their final destination when they pass away. Therefore the Ocean in Polynesian tattooing can represent death and an afterlife. At times, ocean waves are also used to account for the world beyond, the homeland of the ancestors, a place where all would eventually be. Because they are the symbolization of Polynesian gods, and also regarded as ancestors of Polynesian people, so they look quite similar to “data,” the symbol of man.

Ancient Polynesian Tattoospolynesian-tattoo-designs

Ancient Polynesians have left behind a treasure trove of art and culture, still influential on modern art and tattoo designs. You may notice that even in today’s tattoo industry and the popularity of Polynesian tattoos, most people obtain larger pieces. However, the most significant difference between tattoos today and the people of Polynesia is that placement meant something. Several exciting and interesting feather tattoos were available in the market which is designed following Polynesian tribal art. As a matter of fact, it has been a part of the human culture for centuries. The real Polynesian tattoos need you to go through a lot of pain, and it is a real lengthy procedure to get these Polynesian tattoo designs. Ancient Polynesian tattoos would be designed from anything left of the ancient Polynesian culture. Polynesian stingray tattoos are fabulous pieces of body art.

Polynesian Tribal Tattoos

The meanings of Polynesian tattoo designs which include the sun can vary from plan to develop, according to the usage of symbols that constitute the sun’s edge. Visually contemporary Polynesian tribal tattoos are represented by very complex models both of the lines and of curves. The sun often goes with other symbols in Polynesian tattoo designs, to express specific meanings. With several options to choose from, it’s best to do a thorough research about all the tribal tattoo designs and their meanings. You know what would make you stand out is if you created your type of Polynesian Tattoo Designs Sure, you can go to a Tattoo parlor and get a random tattoo through a design book, but does it make sense to be unoriginal.

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