moon tattoo designsMoon Tattoo Designs

Many people get the moon tattoo either in remembrance of their mother or for the fact that they have become parents or that they want to become one. Some people also believe that the moon symbolizes our inner child, so it can also be an excellent way to express your inner child with this tattoo. Because of all these meanings, moon tattoo designs are undoubtedly something you should have inked on your body. People usually say that happens “once in a blue moon,” Blue moon tattoos, therefore, can be a reminder of that one rare event that you always wish to carry in your memory, or it can be even done to celebrate a personal accomplishment. Many people wear blue moon tattoo and others like silver ones. Moon tattoos have so many meanings and can symbolize a lot of things. Moon tattoos represent the wearers to be loving and caring in nature, apart from being enthusiastic about art.

Crescent Moon Tattoomoon tattoo designs

A crescent moon tattoo is perhaps one of the most fascinating and enchanting things in the world, an epitome of beauty and grace, subtlety and finesse. One more take on the classic sun and moon embrace, showing that this tattoo looks good pretty much anywhere. A moon tattoo can be given a decorative look by adding growing buds and flowers. The combination of a crescent moon with a star becomes a symbol of Islam. Here is a classic moon image with the clouds hanging around it. This crescent moon tattoo design has a lamp hanging at the tip, while some ropes are knotted at the end. Tattoo art is not a modern form of body embellishment but a centuries-old craft which has been carried down by generations. Most moon tattoo designs feature a crescent moon along with a single star while those featuring fairies, clouds, and falling stars are also quite popular.

Brightest Object In The Night Sky

The Aztecs believed that the black jaguar or panther pulled the moon across the night sky and that the yellow Jaguar pulled the sun across the day sky. The colors can be in black ink as well as in bright red, yellow, brown and blue, silver, gray shades. Suggestion, though, would be to have the moon in light blue and the sun in a lighter red or dark orange. The sun rises every day to heat and light the planet, while the moon illuminates the sky at night. Being the brightest object in the night sky, the moon holds the title of the most widely viewed object of any kind in the world.

moon tattoo designsA Crescent Moon

A stylized moon that incorporates elements of a mandala frames a stylized sun in this black tattoo rendered on the wearer’s left shoulder blade. This tribal-inspired tattoo, depicted in black ink, shows a crescent moon wrapping around the sun on the wearer’s right shoulder blade. This hyper-stylized piece encapsulates a crescent moon and sun inside of a circle in the middle of the wearer’s back between the shoulder blades. A black crescent moon is imagined above a bat with spread wings in this tattoo shown at the base of the wearer’s neck. A crescent moon is adorned with patterns often seen in a mandala in this black and gray tattoo rendered on the wearer’s upper arm. A small black and gray moon are depicted on the back of the wearer’s left arm just above the elbow in this tattoo.

Popular Tattoo Ideasmoon tattoo designs

Both men and women like these tattoo design not only because of their unique style but also because of the deep meaning are hidden behind the design. She could easily keep going and make a full sleeve which would look kind of cool. Moon tattoo designs are quite attractive and have a kind of sophistication. There are plenty of ways in which you can make a sun and moon tattoo unique. A very popular tattoo ideas for men and women is the full moon designs. It’s interesting and would be kind of cool if they added some coloring to it for an added pop.

moon tattoo designsSymbol Of Feminine Power

In addition to beauty and motherhood, another aspect of a moon and its influence on women is that it plays a vital role in the emotional makeup of a woman, and signifies the hidden strength of mind of a woman. Over the past, in many cultures, the moon has had a major role and also plays a significant role in many myths and folklore. The moon is also a symbol of fertility and birth due to the vast amount of energy that it gives out. The moon has been part of ancient mythology and folklore and has often been compared to the beauty of women, which gives it a close relationship to femininity and beauty. It is as beautiful as symbolically meaningful, associated with attributes such as purity, beauty, feminine power, mystery, sensuality, subtle energy, fertility, mysticism and divine light. Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Sumeria held the crescent moon as representative of both the masculine and feminine. As a tattoo, the moon is a symbol of feminine power and composed strength, unlike the sun which represents fierceness.

Symbol Of Regenerationmoon tattoo designs

Moon is such a complex subject for tattoos that it describes some elements of fantasy like moods, emotions, beauty, renewal and other things and also earthy and vigorous elements like motherhood, balance, nurturing, calm, serenity and balance among other items. Moon tattoo design may be depicted along with the various parts. The moon is a symbol of regeneration, and without the female of the species bringing new life into the world, there would be no life. The fantasy elements make your tattoo design more unrealistic like a cartoon, but still, they have a stunning look. Moon itself represents fragility and femininity, that is why it is particularly excellent for females, of course, this does not mean that males cannot for moon tattoo designs. For the more realistic ones, a full moon may represent a change in your life you lived through. These moon tattoos are filled with intricate and ornate designs that take them beyond basic. TattooMoon Tattoo DesignsA Crescent Moon,Brightest Object In The Night Sky,Crescent Moon Tattoo,Moon Tattoo Designs,Popular Tattoo Ideas,Symbol Of Feminine Power,Symbol Of RegenerationMoon Tattoo Designs Many people get the moon tattoo either in remembrance of their mother or for the fact that they have become parents or that they want to become one. Some people also believe that the moon symbolizes our inner child, so it can also be an excellent way...It's all about different types of tattoo and tattoo designs that you should have.